Hollow Rock
Founded: Circa 1869, Incorporated: 1911
Population: 929
Mayor: Tim Runions
             P.O. Box 247
             Hollow Rock, TN 38342
             Fax 731-586-7818 

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The 'Rock' at Hollow Rock has been acclaimed as one of the most unusual rock formations in America. In prehistoric times it was used as shelter by the native Indians and as a ceremonial ground. Flanked on the north side by a creek that provided water and fishing it was a very popular hunting and camping site for early travelers. At the time of the steam locomotive it made a natural site for a train stop to fill the water tanks for the boilers and for fuel from the abundant forests nearby. Many a hobo has spent the night curled up in the large crevice that runs through the large sandstone formation. The rock is approximately 50 foot long, 10 foot tall and 15 foot wide with an open tunnel running across the width that is large enough to sit in comfortably. The interior is stained with the smoke from many fires going back for nearly 5000 years. This is a 'must-see' for anyone while in the area of Hollow Rock and can be found by traveling on High Street and watching for the signs. The area has been developed into a park and pic-nic facility by the people of Hollow Rock and Bruceton.


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